This application will replace the default audio/airplane/brightness flyouts found in Windows shown when the volume or brightness changes or when airplane mode key is pressed with a new modern UI.

This project is based on ADeltaX/AudioFlyout. With additional implementation for airplane mode and brightness flyouts. This project also includes a flyout for lock keys (caps lock, scroll lock, num lock & insert key).


  • Fluent UI (similar to the one in Windows 10X)
  • Follows system Light/Dark theme
  • Media session controls have additional features such as Shuffle, Repeat, Stop and Timeline Info
  • AirplaneMode-flyout Module
  • LockKeys-flyout Module
  • Brightness-flyout Module
  • Each Module can be disabled separately
  • Can Choose either Windows Default Flyout, ModernFlyouts or None
  • Flyout’s TopBar can be unpinned
  • Flyout is Draggable and autosaves the position
  • Flyout can be aligned to a default position (can be modified in the settings)
  • Smooth Animations & Tranisitions
  • This application works on Windows 10 1809 and above (v0.3.0 supports Windows 8+, however to simplify distribution and due to MSIX packaging limitations, v0.4.0+ won’t support windows versions less than 1809)

System Requirements

  • Windows 10 1809+